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Presentación de ofertas al monopolio de Noruega (Vinmonopolet)

Kallhällsbaden Vandrarhem & Restaurang
Fabriksvägen 20, 176 71 Järfälla
Estocolmo, Suecia
Tel. +46 8 583 583 15
Movil. +46 707 30 40 90

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Importadores/distribuidores de vino en Frankfurt (Alemania)
Clientes localizados: 81
Clientes con mail: 35
Clientes vino español: 17
Coste del servicio: 200 €

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General information for offers to the Norwegian Monopoly(Vinmonopolet)


1) Please study the tender information carefully, as the monopoly does not accept offers “outside” the tender specification. If you have any questions, please contact your Strøm Brand Manager.

2) Please note that that we pay alcohol tax per alcohol degree per liter in Norway, thus each ex-cellar price has been calculated with one or several ABV (if the tender opens for diversity)

3) The volume enclosed per tender is our BEST ESTIMATE and might not be the actual volume! The success of a launch and volume is affected by many different parameters (i.e.: Timing of launch, journalist reviews, other launched products in the same category, etc. etc. etc.)

4) When deciding that your wine fits one or more tender specifications, please fill in the two forms: 1) Offer form for monopoly tenders and 2) Product info for monopoly (which will be enclosed with the tender specification e-mail).

5) After submitting your offer, please wait for a confirmation from your BM contact before sending samples. Please note that all cells in the offer form for monopoly tenders must be filled in as, it is required by the monopoly for all offers

6) Each offer needs 4 samples (3 for the monopoly and 1 for our file) for a 75cl wine and 2 for 70cl spirits (1 for the monopoly and 1 for our file).

7) The alcohol degree and the vintage in the offer MUST be the same as on the label (as described above)

8) If you offer tank samples, please glue/tape original label on the bottle or mark it clearly with: Vintage, vol. and ABV.

9) Please note deadline for offer and samples in the tender specification! The monopoly does not accept any offers after their deadline (Date + 16:00 pm)


Vinmonopolet’s purchasing procedures and product range

(More information at

Vinmonopolet decides which products to launch in its “basic” and “one lot” ranges. Wholesalers decide which products are to be launched in the “to order”, “additional” and “test” ranges.

All products sold through Vinmonopolet come from suppliers who have entered into a wholesale agreement with Vinmonopolet.

Vinmonopolet has five product ranges:

Basic range
One lot range
To order range
Test range
Additional range

The basic and one lot ranges
The basic and one lot ranges consist of products purchased by Vinmonopolet in accordance with the agreed purchasing process and based on six-monthly marketing and product plans, as well as products from the to order or test ranges that have qualified by achieving satisfactory sales.

Vinmonopolet publishes invitations to bid on the Vinmonopolet supplier portal and wholesalers submit offers that must comply with specified deadlines and procedures. All approved offers are tested by Vinmonopolet’s sensory testing laboratory, where a panel of expert assessors objectively and independent assess the degree of accordance to the relevant specification. Purchasing decisions are based on price, sensory quality and ability to deliver, as set out in the Regulations on AS Vinmonopolet’s purchasing activity, etc.

New products entering the basic range are guaranteed to be carried for at least 12 months (the introductory month + eleven months). The one lot range consists of products that are purchased in limited quantities. These products are carried until the lot has been sold out.

Vinmonopolet stipulates certain requirements for products that are to be launched in the basic and one lot ranges. They must be held in a warehouse in Norway one month before the launch, and the available quantity of the product must be sufficient for the category in which the product is to be initially launched.

The “to order” range
The to order range has been created to make available to customers the selection of products held by wholesalers in Norway that have not been accepted into the basic, one lot or test ranges.

These products must be available in the wholesaler’s warehouse in Norway from the first day of the month in which they are to be launched, and are subject to the same terms and conditions of delivery as products in the basic and one lot ranges. Wholesalers must be willing to make single bottle deliveries.

Products are registered through Vinmonopolet’s supplier portal, subject to the specified deadlines. The products in this range are sold through the online shop, but certain shops may also choose to carry them as part of their local range.

The additional range
The additional range consists of any other products that wholesalers have to offer. It is not a requirement for the products to be held in stock in Norway, and the wholesaler can specify a minimum delivery. Products in the additional range are not sold through the online shop, but certain shops may also choose to carry them as part of their local range. Products can be registered as they become available through Vinmonopolet’s supplier portal, subject to the specified deadlines.

Also see information about products for our specialist shops.

The test range
The test range is an independent product range that aims to provide market access for products even if Vinmonopolet has not chosen to purchase the product.

Each year, Vinmonopolet decides how many products it will launch in its test range, and wholesalers must express their interest by the specified deadlines. Vinmonopolet allocates product launches and launch dates between the wholesalers who have expressed their interest.

At the end of the six-month test period (introductory month + five months), Vinmonopolet reserves the right to return unsold stock at the expense and risk of the wholesaler.

New product launches
Vinmonopolet launches new products six times a year – in January, March, May, July, September and November.

Each launch has a special emphasis on products from a particular country, area or style. The aim is to strengthen Vinmonopolet’s position as specialist retailer, as well as giving customers lots of different and exciting products to choose from.

How long can a product remain on sale?
Vinmonopolet uses a ranking system based on the number of litres sold to decide which products it may want to retain in its basic range after the initial guaranteed period.

The ranking system is based on product groups, which are in turn subdivided into price segments. For each price segment, Vinmonopolet decides the number of products that it ideally wants to stock. Rankings are updated every month based on sales over the past six months, with products being discontinued every two months based on those rankings.

Products in the additional range are not covered by the ranking system. For a product to remain in the Vinmonopolet range, at least one sale must have been registered.

Shop-specific ranges
Vinmonopolet’s shops are split into six categories, based on their anticipated sales over the coming year.

Each shop has a range that consists of three elements: a fixed basic range that is chosen centrally, an optional basic range and a local range chosen by the individual shop in response to local demand. The local selection can include products from all of the product ranges.

Prices are stated in NOK DDP (Delivery Duty Paid). This means that the individual wholesaler is liable for all of the risks and costs associated with transporting the products to the designated place at the individual shop’s warehouse, including customs clearance, excise duties, taxes, VAT and any other charges.

Vinmonopolet is completely transparent in how it calculates mark-ups and retail prices. Vinmonopolet’s calculation is based on the principle that each product should cover its own costs, as well as giving Vinmonopolet a reasonable profit.

As of January 2011, the mark-up applied by Vinmonopolet is a fixed rate of NOK 7.80 per litre, plus 22 percent of the purchase price excluding taxes and duties. The percentage mark-up gradually falls for products whose purchase price excluding taxes and duties is over NOK 80, and the total mark-up is never more than NOK 90 per unit.



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